Step 2: Schedule a day or night to do this when you can get away with looking like crap for 2 days and not washing your hair.

I read about people that said they did their treatment in two hours, and others said it took them four hours. You are definitely going to need to block some time out to do it, but the big thing is that you can’t get your hair wet for 48 hours and because of the treatment it feels and looks like a greasy mess. You’re going to want to tackle this when you’ve got some time to hole up in the house.  Some treatments say you can’t get your hair wet for 72 hours and who has time to rock the grunge look that long?

Step 3: Find someone you can bribe, con, or pay to help you

When I say “pay”, I mean something nominal and a friend-price, the entire point here is to save money right? Honestly, I’ve watched a bunch of videos on this subject and read a ton of articles and I feel like everyone saying how “easy” it is to do yourself are big fat liars! I’d been trying to convince my husband of how easy it was to do for months so he could help me. We got close one Friday night, so close…then he distracted me with the promise of food and we didn’t get it done. He’s a sneaky man he is, “Let’s go out to eat first and then I’ll do it as soon as we get back” knowing full well that I’d have the “itis” and just want to go to bed.

Finally, I offered to bring my mom dinner if she’d do it and I told the husband he had to go along and provide technical support. I should have started here of course, my mom used to be a professional hairdresser and knows way more about how to separate hair and apply product than the hubby does. Still, she’d been traveling and remodeling and one night the stars aligned and we picked up gyros and headed to her house with a bag of stuff to finally get it done. 

If you feel handy enough to tackle it yourself, more power to you, but account for more time and sore arms.

Step 4: Get out your supplies and wash your hair

So, like I said, I gave up on clarifying shampoo but as luck would have it, my mom had some. It was vitamin C something or another in a yellow bottle and I also used diluted vinegar to rinse it with. I shampooed twice and then did the vinegar rinse. My hair felt raw and stringy and like a tangled mess, just like the Internet said it’s supposed to feel like.  I had planned on scrubbing with some baking soda but my hair felt so stripped and clean and stringy with the vinegar that I decided it was good enough.  

My supplies were the keratin treatment product I purchased, a heat-resistant comb, plastic gloves, a pick (or wide-toothed comb), a flat iron, a blow dryer, lots of clips, and a hairbrush.