The aftermath

So, the first thing I really noticed is that my hair had no tangles the next day and brushing my hair took two seconds. The worst thing is that my entire head felt greasy, face and hair. It was very difficult for me not to put my hair behind my ears or up in a clip. I’m glad I did this on a weekend when I had no plans because I would not feel comfortable going out in public. With my severe part and greasy straight hair, I feel like Samara from the movie The Ring. I went over my hair with a flat iron again to take out any bends from sleeping on it, but it went quickly and didn’t take any time at all.

Day 2

I didn’t take pictures today because it was exactly the same as yesterday. I woke up, ran a brush through it. Still no tangles. Then I did a quick once over with the flat iron just in case and proceeded to sit around and do nothing feeling greasy and gross and thankful I don’t have anywhere to go and no one will see me.