Wake up -> shower, shave, etc -> get coffee and/or breakfast -> (if you have kids) repeat the same for them -> hop in the car or bus -> arrive at work and grind the day away (enjoy your expensive lunch or your lame ham sandwich if you have time) -> drive/ride home -> (insert soccer/cheerleading/other practice here) -> feed yourself (and the kids) -> maybe watch some unsatisfying sitcom on tv -> go to bed -> repeat..

Shandra and I have played that game for too long, and like many others we have decided it has to stop.

Our kids are grown or nearly grown at this point.  We have developed job skills that are marketable and more importantly portable.  Although we have financial and personal obligations where we live we have decided it is time to get on the road.  It is time to see more of the country and world than this tiny speck of it that we live in.  It is time to experience some freedom and it is long overdue! (you see what I did there?)

Our goal is to uproot, leave our kids (adults) behind and become full-time nomads.  Now what we would ultimately like to do  is purchase a comfortable RV and drive to…well…wherever we feel like going.  But what does it take to get to that point?  For us it will begin with a travel trailer and weekend trips.  Later, maybe we will go for a week at a time..even two weeks!  We know we will still need income.  We are nowhere near being ready to retire. What are the step?  What do we need to consider in order to keep a steady income and not waste money buying travel equipment that we don’t need?

The purpose of this blog is not only to help other like-minded people figure that out, but also to help us figure that out.  We have been dreaming, planning, and researching the questions that (should) be in people’s minds when planning to make this transition, and we want to share those questions and answers with you.

Also, we want to chronicle our travels, talk about the pros and cons of decisions we have made, and generally share our experiences.  We are very excited about this new stage we are planning for our lives and would be happy to take you along for the ride (virtually) .